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About Us

About Us

The brainchild of Hubert, specializes in providing finance consulting and expertise to businesses and organizations that seek funds for large scale projects i.e. funding requirements that exceed a 100 million USD value.

Business & Financial consultants : Our consultants are highly trustworthy and expert bankers who use their skills to harness relationships. They are experts across various divisions of retail, commercial and corporate banking.

Our Mission
& Vision


We visualize to be the best in class provider financial solutions globally. We lookout for the benefit of our client in the preservation of wealth within the family and across generations.


We aim to leverage the characteristics of Bespoke. We want to help our clients partner with top financial Institutions across Asia and the Middle East that provide the best in structured financing.

Our Focus

Our Primarily focussed Infrastructure projects are

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Aircraft financing
& Leasing
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We focus on helping infrastructure projects like Roads, Ports, Air Transport, Mining and Shipping come to life with the necessary funding. Our focus extends to allied projects with governments across Asia and Africa.

Capitoline dedicatedly serves to catalyse the execution of business deals, effortlessly. Our advisory specialises in negotiating funding from financial institutions and business owners in a segment of niche lending.

With over 27 years of experience on the financial services filed, we are well connected with businesses and families of high value and their offices. The interaction with their trusted aides like chartered accountants and attorneys has grown into a relationship built on the value of trust and the success of doing business with us.



Senior Mentors
Our consultants are the crème of the lot, from the top institutions and are mentored by senior professors from leading management institutes. This helps us in finding the right international Banks, asset management companies, private equity firms and leading financial consultants across Asia, Middle East and Europe to partner with.

Using the characteristics of Bespoke has helped us successfully partner opportunities with strategic insight on digital pillars of fintech like blockchain, big data and AI.

Block Chain


Big Data

Artificial Intelligence
We along with our partners based in Singapore and the UK help provide countless opportunities and possibilities for our patrons.

When you choose to solicit our services we offer you the right avenues that transform your business. We look forward to understand your business needs and provide Bespoke solutions that will bring them to life.